Photograph of Theodore Last Star from the Magee Collection

First Wife: Emma Merchant (Bird Sings Different)
Second Wife: Cecile Boy.
Adopted Father: Last Star
Adopted Mother Scaring up a Bird
Biological Father?: Martin Fitzpatrick
Biological Mother?: Cutting Herself Woman

It is speculated that Theo’s mother later married Dog Gun and so gave Theodore to Last Star and Scaring Bird Woman to take care of. He had held two Medicine Pipes and many other kinds of bundles as well. Being a well-liked man he succeeded Wades-In-The-Water as honorary chief.

Card Information:

Theo (Theodore) Last Star‚1. A headshot of a Blackfeet man wearing beaded clothing, with his hair in braids. Thomas B. Magee, 1862-1930; Henry L. Magee, 1896-1966 MGNGEN0050

This photograph is part of the Magee Family Collection. The collection was donated to the Blackfoot Digital Library by Don Magee the son of Thomas Magee. The originals are now in the University of Alberta's archives. Research on the photographs has been done by Adrienne Heavy Head using various published resources about the Blackfoot people and interviews.